If you are a model and want to work with SAM Design Solutions and/or featured on, here are some terms and conditions:


  • Step 1: If you want to apply for listing in our database and be featured on, you need to simply send an e-mail with your height, weight, unedited recently made self-portrait and a full-body picture. This application is going to be used only internally by company’s personnel and will never be shared with a third party.
  • Step 2: If your application is approved, you are going to be invited to a free* 2-hour photo session. It is going to be combined with a job interview and signing of our first PFT-contract. If we agree on all terms and choose to work with each-other, you are going to be able to choose which of your images are going to be published as your professional portfolio on

Nothing is being published without models agreement on all terms and conditions!

* If you want to use our company for creation of your portfolio, but don`t want to be published on and intent to work with other agency, an ordinary fee for photo session is going to be applied.

Collaboration and publishing:

We do always strive to improve our art of photography and presentation. Every model that is listed on is going to get invitations to volunteer for our non-commercial shootings, PFT:s. These are done to improve our proficiency and enrich our portfolio. According to our policy, all PTF-photos must be approved by featured models before publishing.* A model has right to purge any PFT-photos with her appearance from our portfolio.


“Pictures For Time” is a term that describes a non-commercial collaboration between model, photographer and, for example, MUA. It means that none of parties involved gets any financial compensation, but right to use resulting photos for own marketing and portfolio. Ownership of photos is SHARED between all parties involved – it means that each is obliged to give a honorable mention to everyone else involved together with publication of photos.

Example of PFT-Contract


For any commercial activity SAM Design Solutions is going to sign a one-time task specific contract with a model. A model’s salary at our agency is starting with 30 EUR/hour** and grows depending on her experience and occupation.


If a print of PFT-picture* with model’s appearance is being sold, she will automatically receive her part from 40% of prints price (excluding tax) that are covering model`s share.

*If a model got paid for her work on set, all rights for photos and other graphical content with her appearance that is result of her paid work, belong to SAM Design Solutions and the customer.

**Including tax.

Our policy: prefer to work only with natural models. We see our responsibility as a media resource and want to propagate diversity and natural beauty with our artwork. We do NOT want to succumb to mainstream trends of popular culture. ”More is NOT better!” follows a strict code of ethics. Models integrity and well-being are always the main concern of the company. People will always be more important than the company’s performance as a commercial enterprise. is using a modern flat structure of hierarchy in the company. All parties that are involved in process are given a possibility to maximize their creativity and influence the resulting product.

For reference and a objective point of view on our work, you can contact any of our featured models by clicking on Instagram link in media files description.

Have any questions left? We will be happy to answer them!

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