If you are a designer or an artist, SelovArt may be very interested in collaboration with you! Contact us by e-mail or instagram!

If you work with fashion or industrial design, we can provide models, locations, tools and a creative team to make an attractive presentation for your masterpiece.

In case of non-profit collaboration both creative team of SelovArt and the artist do equally share all rights for produced content (Photos, videos, advertisement). All services are guarantied to be provided with the same quality as in case of paid job. The only obligation that will persist is respect to each-others time, and mutual mentioning following of publication of produced content. Obligatory credit is the only “payment” after the collaboration. It is being done for mutual marketing, of SelovArt by the participating artist and vise versa in order to create positive image and acquire clients for each-other.

For students and artists who pursue non-commercial goals, but are driven by pure creation, we can make a discount or provide our services completely for FREE… If we find collaboration with you interesting enough.

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