Photo by Ida

Hello! My name is Arseny Selov, I am an artist and a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I manage and own SAMDesignSolutions company.

My story and, my way of photography in particular is long and complicated. I bought my first camera in 2011, when I was 19 y/o, before a short trip to London. I suddenly fell in love with this city and the art of photography then. My next camera became Nikon 5600 that I bought to document my military adventures in northern Sweden. Have been in service for two years up there. Then I moved back to Stockholm and tried many things, like studying design, game development and ended up studying journalism at Södertörn university. Despite all these different interests, photography has always been “my thing”. It is my most intuitive, powerful way of self-expression, and an attempt to capture and preserve the beauty in our rapidly changing world. As for today I collaborate with a creative team includin a stylist and MUA. I operate with Nikon D850.